Mac OS X how to export PgAdmin servers

Having read the PgAdmin docs, it’s not easy to find which paths are being used on Mac OS X.

Using PgAdmin 4.27, the paths on my Mac OS X 11.2.1 are:

#sets path to Python
export PYTHONHOME=/Applications/pgAdmin\

#exports servers to ~/Downloads
/Applications/pgAdmin\ --dump-servers ~/Downloads/pgadmin-servers.json --sqlite-path ~/.pgadmin/pgadmin4.db

On my new machine, I’ve set up PgAdmin via HomeBrew, like so:
brew install pgadmin4

The paths for this setup were a little different and I needed to unset PYTHONHOME

/Applications/pgAdmin\ /Applications/pgAdmin\ --load-servers ~/Downloads/pgadmin-servers.json  --sqlite-path ~/.pgadmin/pgadmin4.db

One more thing which might help someone: you can view pgAdmin paths via:
pgAdmin -> File -> Runtime->View log

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