Stay away from accessing HFS+ drives from Windows

I’ve had very negative experiences with software that allows (write) access to HFS+ from Windows. This might be common for those on dual-triple boot, such as my setup with Mac OS X and Windows [7 and later 10].

At first, this was with Windows 7 and Macdrive. I’ve tried again with Windows 10 and Paragon HFS+.

In both cases, this had led to corrupted files and corrupted partitions that were not recoverable. Luckily I’ve had backups and was able to restore everything.

Just two tips here: Disk Drill on Windows 10 was the best software I’ve found for file recoveries. For backups, Backblaze, although I’ve just migrated to Synology C2 instead.

It seems like a bad idea to try and write to HFS+ drive from Windows. Alternatively, read-only mode of Paragon works well and doesn’t corrupt files.

My preferred new way is to access the files from the NAS which in this case acts as a translation layer between OS and storage.

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